About Chatrad

Mainly populated with friendly adults and kids who just want to make some cool friends, ChatRad is one of the best G rated cam sites on the internet. This entire website is fully G rated which means that you cannot do anything that would be considered for adults only. For instance; taking your clothes off on webcam, drinking alcohol on cam or even smoking are all things that are not very well tolerated over at ChatRad. Although that may make this site sound a little boring, it really isn’t. This random video chat site is one of the most addictive websites you’ll ever have the pleasure of using. Whether you want to make new friends or simply make others laugh, this is a really good place to have some good clean fun.

How to Use ChatRad

This site has been built with simplicity in mind, making it very easy to use. Since there is only one feature available to use at ChatRad (roulette chat) you won’t have to spend time learning how to use a wide variety of different features. To make things even easier, the owners of this website have taken away the need to create an account, so basically anyone who wishes to use this website can do so within seconds of opening up the web page.

When you first open up ChatRad, you will have to press on the “start” button in order to be able to view a stranger’s webcam. You will be shown one webcam at a time; if you don’t like the webcam that you are viewing, simply press on the “next” button and you will be shown a different webcam.

There is a handy little text area on the right side where you can type to the user that you chatting with in case you would rather text chat than video chat.

Why You Should Use ChatRad

Roughly 90% of all of the cam to cam sites out there are for adults only. This is one of the only places that you can actually sit down and have a decent conversation with strangers without it being all about sex. At ChatRad, you know that the people you are chatting with don’t expect you to get naked and show off your body. This is a place where real connections are formed and real friendships begin.

To make it even better, moderators monitor this website at all times in order to make sure that everything and everyone on this site is abiding by the rules. Without the need to create an account and with a solid security team available at all times, ChatRad is among the safest webcam chat sites on the internet.

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